perjantai 18. helmikuuta 2011

Bouldering around Tafroute

Austria's gift for women: Herbert Streissl (aka. Bob the shagger)

Somebody has taken some LSD.

Sunset above Tafroute, in the horizon lies the Quartzite.

Ugly & crumbly arete.

Bob in flames.

Mike on delicate granite slab.

Tough route needed some technical moves to link sit-and standstart together.

Starting hold of "Tough route" classical 6a-climbing!

This pearl of Quartzite rock, was found in the small valley under Lions face.

Excellent one, but just a bit too scary with one pad.

Bob chases Jussi.

Bob, right after hearing a story of spotting in Finland with thumbs up. After bouldering, we had a nice Hamam-session with Bob. By the way: What the hell for, was the olive oil?

Bouldering might not be the reason to go there, but it exists, in comparison to rope climbing, there is less of it and it is scattered. It has been done on the granite areas, but what brits have been afraid , it might spread on Quartzite too. But not for lazy people with weak legs. You might need to walk a bit to find the right ones. Most of the granite is bad rock; crimpy, sharp and crumbly.

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