sunnuntai 8. toukokuuta 2011

Gaygearing for 2012 Himachal Pradesh

What is pointing in the skies above there? Another unclimbed granite/quartzite tower I'd say.

Let me introduce Boreals answer for being high (in altitude of course +5000m) at rock climbs and still enjoy it. Experience and the careful choice of gear though makes it easier.

Black pair is called Fire Invernal and it is from this decade. I ordered them from Spain.

Blue pair is Zephyr and I got them from an old school climber who used them last time at 1988!! That is something!

Rubber is still ok, and the ankle protection is superb in comparison to the fancy low-cut models of today, especially in wide cracks (like eklipsi)

(c) pasi

So boys and girls get your gear ready!! Of course only if one is interested in any of +6000m peaks above.. Still unclimbed stuff I guess.

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