lauantai 7. maaliskuuta 2015

Week 9

Bocadillo con tuna BLASTA semi curado!

Mission: to embrace legendary place El Chorro somehow, Heal my back with easy climbing, Get motivation after several months of injuries to start training for Finnish summer, learn some Spanish, Teach my friend to climb, climb good routes as much as I can, follow the steps of my mentors.

El hombre de Pizza y pueblo de Mijas.
Kuva tosin Chorrosta                                          
Mijas as a climbing wall is really homelike… XD If you are interested donkeys shit and pigeons squirts, DO IT!

On parle francais mijeno 5+, 17m (holds includes donkey poo)
La luz del senor 5, 6m
Ana Belen 5+, 8m

It is good place to start/teach climbing. At least it keeps you humble.

Mi amigo en la casa hay bueno calor. Viven cerca en Fuengirola.

Photo by @mbo

Photo by @mbo

Photo by @mbo
Kuin puhaltaisi kotiloon

El Chorro

Few days of climbing before bad vibes… 

Yo recomiendo (climbed as a second)

Yo recomiendo

Toast 6a/6a+, 25m (Easy Wall)
Happiness is a Warm Pasty 6a/6a+, 30m (Easy Wall)

After few days of introduction to El Chorro (thanks: Amir, Johnny,Sunshine, Klitschko look alike with a beauty and Irish university group) I felt comfy to go and try infamous slab Los Cotos…. The name tells what it got to do with my stomach.

From Los Cotos towards camino.

Super Galleta 6a, 30m (Yo recomiendo mucho!)
and Few desperate fails with a rumbling belly.

Slackline on the top of Las Encatadas; Upper. El Guide Amir.

Johnny´s funny torture:


Kiitokset: Heidille, @mbolle, Toxicutionille ja Willie Nelsonille, teitte lomasta mielenkiintoisemman ja lämpimämmän.

Ps. Something from Finland
First lead try from 2015, Photo by Jatta

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  1. Jos ei ole hajua mitä tai ketä äänestää, niin tässä alueemme yksi varteenotettavista vaihtoehdoista:

    (Ei liity puoluekantaani tai 6a:n "poliittisiin" mielipiteisiimme)