tiistai 30. kesäkuuta 2015


                                   Skälefjäll, Hot´n Tots
                             Tästä se lähtee

                  Galgeberget, Får jag lov

                                    Broberg, Lasserisset

                 Hallinden, Pekkas diplomtur

                        Välseröd, Villskudd and Ingemars kamin

                       Välseröd, Birgers borst

                           Välseröd, Joku katto-offaripyllistys


                  Välseröd, Slimline

torstai 4. kesäkuuta 2015

Harrison's Rocks And London ...Init

Sometimes the Wind blows you that kind of tunes that you have to just follow...

This time my path took me back to London. Pages of history book told me about railway workers and the songs they listened at three a clock am.

Which kind of pulling a diesel locomotive has and how it differs from a steam locomotive.

"No, no, no, no, no.... 
....Come on, come on, come on, come on!"

It gives you completely new angle how to approach.

Harrison's Rocks Is "about" a hour drive from London to southeast.

Harrison`s has beautiful sandstone and so slippery sloups that I could ask you to bring potato brush with you again. Rocks is so soft that even using top rope with slings makes me feel ill.

We got some blueberry field love with us
in form of living legend Dave. He wanted to show some routes for a day to us.

If people are saying that Jyväskylä or Mikkeli area has quite accurate grades they could go and check out how they have graded these rocks.... I bet it still is more for me the lack of the wrist movement practise which could stop this anal grade slander.

Gorgeous rocks protected by BMC just asks at least few pads take with you there.

Dave doing Hokey Cokey on WildCat Wall

Old school way to use rope made my heart sing!

Mostly we climbed in unclimbed wall sector where I could recomend flash The Hoarding if you really need to tick something in these rather high walls.

Dave pushing on Wizzard`s Progress

From ethical way of seeing things this cliff definitely gives you reason to think what chipping, orthodox line, save the rocks and irreversible damage actually means... Almost every freaking cliff inside Finnish border control is older than this gem from England. Respect that Finland!

This was just a thought
not any kind of authoritative voice from my head.

London and The Castle:

No ship Batman! Its a train...

The Castle is good climbing place for training but I suggest to go there early during the day.
It just saves you from the all chalk dust and crowded walls.

Time for a good curry...

"You have no cause for anything but gratitude and joy."

Thank you Kat, Dave, Steves, Richard full power and Chris the loverboy