tiistai 22. tammikuuta 2019

Warkaus - City of Sinners

What would look like the best birthday ever!!!

This is how my B-day started:

Luts of white powder to whack on!

The day started with strange feeling of unknown. I was going to meetup with a new climber to me. Juho didn`t contact me after evening before climbing day. So doubt started to creep on my nerves. New guy on ice and for my belay and long gap from this time to last time on a wall for me.

Juho setting up his Norwegian wool shirt.

I haven´t been lately so much on wall and I thought it would be smartest to climb something easier first than project I was meant to do...

Freaking cold morning!

Soft "ground up"(I had rappelled down from this corner last summer) did fail, but at least now I know what pieces it will swallow next time.

Juho did try to figure it out on top rope after my fail....

Translation for the movie:
"PAPADOMS... Little bit uuuh yeah. Luts of spice..... Etc etc."

Next we headed towards ice... To understand that sometimes it is not so good to think too much for yourself.

Sun and the pond

Juho Enjoying the slab

And this is how my day ended: