keskiviikko 28. elokuuta 2019

Revealing injury and how to recover from that

On the mid February I had a interesting gym session in Kuopio-citys climbing gym Voema. Our plan with Savonlinnas old climbing fart aka Mr. Kotro was to have relaxing climbing evening and after that to go movies to see Honnolds madness-movie. I havnt climb in months because our family got a new member. But even more than overweight I got enthusiasm to perform on the same level what I was about 17kg thinner.


Enjoying heal hook under my left feet while crimping with my right hand gave my body enough stress to say: BANG!

Yeah, Punk got his first real pain in his middle finger..... It was quite interesting to have that tingling sensation and a doubt through the whole movie. Is it a pulley injury and how freaking bad... Well, you all know me (not) but a Finnish mentality about injuries and I really didnt do anything to it for a while... After movie and few hours I did a proper check and used ibuprofen.

Last pictures on the photo beneath others is for comparison for left hand finger vs injured right hand finger.

Yes... All indicated to pulley injury. Ship! I was pretty disappointed to myself. Who the Hell would be so dump to climb overweight with out warmup 6c after about half year for non-climbing seasons. Without proper climbing in months. ME!!! Well I went to a doctor and for everyones surprise doctor found this.

a Tumour

Yeap... I jumped from "Ouh my goodness I cant climb for months!" to "Screw it all, I am going to die." ......hehehehehe. Or just my punk-finger would be chopped off. Few pictures later We were much smarter.

There you are!

Few months later surgery went pretty freaking good and the bone transfer was success.


So how can one recover from that kind of mental roller coaster..... Build your own freaking gym just next to your home. YES! That is my answer. Proudly I present Hilly Billy Moon Kaboom:

Sun is shining and my woman is beautiful!

Starting point.

Under one eye.

Assembling the fatso-wall.

Samu Figuring out the Moonboard.

Ouh, yeah! Back on saddle.

Made it little bit bigger XD

Lets get lighter XD