perjantai 10. joulukuuta 2010

Full nasha on and on

Perfect unclimbed granite overdose.


(c) pasi

Obvious line, the long groove all the way

I love the smell of fresh racking in the morning. (c) pasi

Organized belays are the key to success



P2 sweetness

P3 (c) pasi

 P4; steepest and shortest (15m)

P5; the excellent one, Samppa on The Pebbles!!!! *** Some run out, but good holds, maybe something similar to ypperpresten basalt dike bitch.

Belay on top of P5

P6, too many early starts and poor nutrition is creeping on me

(c) pasi

Boys on P6 belay

on the ridge


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  1. kuusaan pojjat jälleen ylittäneet itsensä mahtavilla kuvilla ja reportaaseilla. kiitosta piristävistä ruuduista :)