maanantai 14. joulukuuta 2015

Mikkeli Työväen Kiipeilijät – Training in The East

It has been quite freaking awesome training years in Mikkeli bouldering area.

I wished to have perfect study years on perfect rock, but it went quite wrong. At least there was optimal friction on ice hall ....hahhahhaha
so I did some training.

I also met quite strong and brutal climbers like Jussi, Ikoska, Juksteri, Koponen and Weeti the Sloth!

I brushed one cool route called:
Limp Dick Massage. Definitely ***, 5- (Little bit runout) “tard”. (Please ask about for gear placement if you are not familiar to trad. climbing yet.)

Thank you all and see you on wall ...some sunny day.

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