torstai 26. toukokuuta 2011

20.11.2010 - Oooh, India u will allways be on my mind, and side fling to Thailand!

Childs room waiting for smell of sandal wood. (Kiitokset Pasille vinkistä: Prite)
Trip always starts from the Cuccoo street in Delhi! Lovely place to relax and gather all your thoughts... Celebration through night and day.
Travelling cross some good & some bad shortcut experiences and back (Varanasi&Bodhgaya) towards Hospet. Feeling lucky on train. (10h Diarrhea Cha cha cha! Then the toilet became my temple.)

Bodhgaya, Tip: Search Hindu swimming hall temple.

Hampi with surgigal knife sharp GOOD HOLDS!
Second time for me to visit Sharmillas delicatessen. This time I spended about 2 months teaching my self how to climb bouldering and some practical english. Nice experience. And awesome scenario of good people. Didnt have to wait long to
get teachers from around the world. FULL POWER!
(Respect to Swedish 24/7 team and Busan Climbing master Hwanyong Nam)
Sunset between the boulders was almost beautiful as from monkey temple. Definetly the best place to go and give regards to Hanuman.

Road to lake area. Need rickshaw? Nope.
I rather walk.
(Tree of paradise)
Finnish team, sponsorred by icehockey massage specialist Mika nailed good stuff. I think it was excellent first touch to outdoor climbing.

(No beta spraying you fucking muppets! Lets flash this mutherfucking on-sight on second flash attempt)
(This happens when someone TRIES to mount New Zealend-like well shaped rock in India)
After spending Christ Mass, new year and Birthday in Goan Corner listening Dj Rantafaris protestsongs/lovesongs, I decided to follow Beuty and the Beast to Ton sai Thailand.
T-rex hands after walking for a hundred times pass lion king... We will meet again some sunny day!
Sport climbing world was already somehow familiar to me. (clip clip) But Ton sai and Thailand offered emotional weather cradle to learn more. Mind over mind.
Thailand, huh huh.

Fuck cup of tea
if you can have
perfect coffee!
(pyramid Cafe)
Ocean sounds, space tracktors(Boats), Food, People & walls filled with smiles. New culture to me but obviosly hit the nail/plate in me. Recomending for beginners, divers, sun worshippers and fire breathers.
When magicbox run out of juice, or mosquitos and night arrives paranoid-filters help you.
New diet with water, full power training and yoga helped me to find different aspect to clipping. Hampi-tan turned back to Love For Ocean. The little sailor in me started to roar. Managed to climb some good routes.

Ocean. (remember to take potatoe brush)
Defenetly taking my SWEET ASS back to these places.
Peace & Love: Positiivari

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