torstai 1. syyskuuta 2011

Bohuslan 2011

Nice rack :)

Granitbiten OS.

Girl with Machete

Samppa is showing some Finnish chopping to Hassan.

wtf..? Prisoner? Aids? or just the FEAR OF TICKS was too much?

Pay some respect to the infamous mullet-guy, bitches.

trying hard is not enough, when it is already raining.

so no happy ending this time..

if this last climb would have taken 1 minute more, we would have missed the ferry to Finland. Boat was leaving at 20.15, we arrived at the closed gates at 20.05. But we got in (I showed my mullet). Viking-Line-signs in Stockholm to cheaper boats appear to be non existent.

Photography by Pasi/Samppa

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