tiistai 13. syyskuuta 2011

What to do, when balls are small?

Answer is testing, enlargers actually don't work.

Here you can see a c.65kg of wood falling, from top of the cliff into technical friend size 1.5 and 3dmm-cam for back up. That last piece of testing gear was found from somewhere in Norway and as you can see, it works. Fall is about 10m. Feet should be still 3m from the ground, like this test indicates, it seems quite safe to have a go, but a bit runoutish though.

So why all this pussying around? 3-star project where main protection is RP's with few occasional cams on slightly overhanging rock c.2m on 16-18m, rock seems solid but has a nice hollow tone, crux is the last moves and of course there will be no bolts.

Jump into 1 min 18 sec to see the action, watch it slow motion to see how the slings are stretching.

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